FAQ – What To Expect

Details about video ownership are at the bottom of the page.

Please take the time to read thoroughly before ordering.
If there is anything that is unclear to you, or that you are particularly concerned about, use the Contact Form to ask any questions you have before ordering.

This is an online video Handgun Instruction service.

Handgun Solutions all by video. Low cost. No scheduling. No travel. No training course.

How is the video is submitted for my use?
Once your video is produced and ready for presentation, it will be uploaded to the Vimeo video service.

How will I access my video on Vimeo?
You will be given a private link, known only to you. You will be able to access the video for any reason, for seven (7) days on the Vimeo video service. You may download the video to keep it on your computer or in storage. After 7 days, the video will be deleted from Vimeo.

Once I place an order, how long does it take to get my video?
When your order and payment are submitted, once reviewed, I will give you an approximate time that I expect the video to be ready to submit to you. For videos not requiring live fire, the estimate will usually be pretty close.

For videos in which live fire is requested: They have to be filmed at an outdoor managed range, or some other outdoor location in the area. For these, an estimate of time will be given, but may be affected by wide swings in Western Arkansas weather, range conditions, etc.

Considering the type work required to do the live fire videos, and the factors that can cause delays, once your order is reviewed and confirmed, the estimated range of time to receive your video should be from two (2) days to one week.

In either case, while there may be other orders being worked on when you submit yours, I will stay in contact with you about any delays until the video is completed and submitted to you.

This is not a service in which “fast turn around” should be desirable. Considering the grave responsibility of necessary, accurate information, and clear explanation about firearms, getting the details right is the priority.

How can I follow up with you if I have any questions about my video intruction?
After your video solution has been completed and submitted for your use, you can expect to be able to contact me with any follow up questions, through the email address you have been given.

I welcome your follow up inquiries about whatever process you have been given as a solution. Your success is my only reference to the effectiveness of this service.

How can I be sure I’ll get what I pay for?

Once you order, your payment is safe. If, for any reason, I find I am not able to submit a video to answer your inquiry sufficiently, I will notify you and promptly return your full payment.

If I can’t perform or achieve my shooting goal through the video solution you provide, can I have my money back?

Non-refundable for service performed
For videos that are produced and submitted to the client, there is no Money Back Guarantee. This is a service that is based on my experience with my own shooting, and the multiple shooting and gun handling experiences of other people I have worked with.

Success of the Solution is dependent on the client
Everyone who receives one of these videos will be at a different level of gun knowledge, and shooting skills.

Benefiting from the video solution will depend on the level of commitment, work, practice, and willingness to adjust, that the client is willing to put in, to enact what is presented with the recommendations made.

Is this a full time business?

“Service” is the key term. I produce videos for as many requests as are submitted to me. Time spent monthly varies by orders submitted. I do this for gun owners struggling with difficult issues concerning their handguns and/or shooting methods. The moderate price range for the videos is necessary because of the time and supply expenses involved.

Is my payment held until my video is produced and submitted to me?
Your payment will be held until a video presentation is submitted, providing a handgun operation, function, accuracy, shooting, etc., solution that you have requested.

Can I ask questions before I submit an order for my video?
Keep the contact casual, and feel free to ask questions before ordering, as well as after you order as you think of anything relevant to your request. Let’s keep it open, friendly, and relaxed.

What will my video format be?
All videos are exported in MP4 format.

Can I request a different format?
All videos are exported, and guaranteed in MP4 format only.

How long will my video be?
While anywhere from a half hour to two hours may be spent getting the footage, the actual videos will be edited down to a detailed 7-15 minutes each. Longer times may result if necessary, but those times will usually give you everything you will need to work on, to solve your handgun challenge.

What will the quality of my video be?
Your video will be produced at high definition (1080p), and uploaded to ‘Vimeo’ for your viewing and download. For those downloading their video to a device, the quality of the video may be affected by the screen resolution, video player, and audio speakers of the device.

What equipment do you use to take videos?
Two Canon DSLR Cameras for primary video
Two GoPro cameras for primary, supplemental, and point of view video
Point and shoot cameras for backup and necessary pov shooting
Samsung S9+ 4K when needed for special photos or short vid clips
While all videos will be visually and audibly acceptable on any compatible device, because of the use of different cameras, both visuals and audio may vary significantly between different camera clips.

What device can I play my video on?
Videos are guaranteed to play on Windows laptop or desktop computers. However, the MP4 videos should play on most Android and Apple phones or tablets. However, on any of those devices, you must have a compatible video player installed.

Will I be the sole owner of my video?
You, the Client, once having paid for the video service, will own your copy of the video for your personal use only. That will include the right to download and keep the copy to play on any compatible device.

You will not have rights to duplication, distribution, or use in any personal or business project for public viewing or sale.

Mark Rogers retains all rights to the original video file. Portions of any video produced under the CGO Pistol Training Service, may be used as a template in future videos requiring the same information.

Videos Will:
*Be yours for your personal reference
*Be high definition
*Be visually clear enough to see what is needed in assessing your handgun solution
*Have audio loud and clear enough to hear instructions and evaluations
*Vary in appearance because of vastly different lighting conditions (outdoors) beyond my control, and because of the use of multiple cameras. They will also vary in audio.
All videos submitted will work for you to be able to work out the firearms issues you requested a solution for.

Your Video Will Not:
Be available for public viewing on Vimeo
Include special intros or outros
Include any special effects
Include any special transitions, except those necessary for smooth production

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