CGO Pistol Training Order Form

Down below is where you submit all the information you feel comfortable submitting to me. The more detailed you can be, and the more visuals you can submit, the better I will be able to provide your handgun solution.

With the Pistol Training Information Form:

The steps below are the exact way you can order a video to help with whatever challenges you face with your firearms or shooting skills. Take it step by step, and your order will be quick, simple, and precise.

  1. Write a detailed description of whatever you are experiencing with your firearm or shooting problem.
  2. Attach any photos of the handgun in question or you shooting the handgun, with closeups if possible.
  3. If possible, post a video of you working with or shooting the pistol or revolver. Include the link to the video so I can watch it before I respond to your request.
  4. Submit the form with the above visuals.
  5. Submission of the form will take you to a Payment Options page where you can complete your order.

    (Some, by necessity, will require a live fire demonstration – otherwise it will be your choice whether you want a video with or without showing a live fire demonstration.)

Fill in the form with all the necessary information and submit it. Your Form submission will direct you to a payment page, where you can complete your order.

Your information is safe, submitted through secure servers, and not shared with any third parties.