One-On-One Personal Handgun Training

For Residents of Fort Smith/Western Arkansas River Valley, and Eastern Oklahoma

If you’re ready to get started, you can go ahead and fill out this Private Pistol Training Information Form.

Need a little more information first? Here’s how it works.

This is not for a pistol class, or any kind of certification training. It is here to help you with your specific handgun introduction, skills training, and challenges.

To help you with them in a realistic way that allows you to form a solid bodily shooting platform, quickly and confidently get on target, increase distance to your target shooting, overcome handgun recoil fear, overcome specific shooting errors.

It is for private instruction working with you personally, One-on-One, or at most working with two, such as husband/wife, parent/teen.

FULL COST: One-on-One Training Session: $40.00
Training for Two Session $60.00

Most training sessions will last approximately 2 hours, including set up and take down time.

You will have my undivided attention during this type training.

You will not have to shoot in front of multiple other people.

Where the training is held is mostly up to you. Your home for some kinds of training where no live fire is required. For live fire training, if you have a safe, legal place on your own property to shoot, I can come to you. In some cases we will use an established gun range for live fire training.

If you have your own handgun(s), they would be ideal for your training. If not, I have guns to loan and test at no cost to my clients.

I also provide targets and stands at no further cost to my clients.

Clients will need to provide their hearing and eye protection. Inexpensive ear plugs, and shooting safety glasses are available at any stores where firearms are sold.

When traveling to a client’s choice of training within 15 miles of Fort Smith, there is no added cost. For every mile traveled past 15 miles, there will be a $1.00 per mile charge added to the total.

The only other regular added cost to my clients will be for ammo. 50 -100 rounds will be necessary for most live fire training sessions. These quantities might be found at your local gun shops. The amount you need will be determined when we communicate and establish your training needs.

During ammo shortages I may be able to provide ammo at current online costs, including tax and shipping.

So, Need Help? Fill out the form, and tell me what you need. Need a general introduction to handguns? Basic pistol training to get started? Specific help for some kind of personal challenge with your handgun? Anything you need help with, getting confident with your pistol or revolver.