Pistol Training Video Service Pricing

There are only two price points for videos.
Before ordering either type video, you must first fill out, and submit the Pistol Training Information Form

For your guidance, the types of videos possible are as follows.

For Any Of The Following Video Types:

Solution Video Can Generally Be Provided Without A Live Fire Demonstration.

Standard Video TOTAL PRICE: $39.00

  • A video explaining and showing the function, internal work, maintenance of a firearm
  • A video showing how to overcome physical challenges working a pistol
  • A video showing improvements to stance, grip, posture, etc.
  • A video showing basic tools and methods for handgun adjustments and repairs
  • A video showing effective concealed carry methods
  • A video dealing with firearm malfunction

For terms of service and what you can expect Click Here.

While in most cases, it is up to you, the client, when you order video types below:

Ordering a Live Firing Demonstration Included In The Video Is Recommended

Premium Video TOTAL PRICE: $67.00

(Includes typical estimated expenses of $30.00)

  • A video showing the firing mechanism and method of shooting any type handgun
  • A demonstration of the typical performance of any type or size handgun
  • A video demonstration of improving accuracy with any size pistol or revolver
  • A video on effective target acquisition with any size handgun
  • A video demonstrating how to deal with specific handgun malfunctions when firing
  • A demonstration of live fire while inducing physical stress
  • A video demonstration of training target setup and firing for solo defensive drills
  • A video demonstration showing how to deal with specific causes of inaccurate firing.

While most of those type videos can be done in Standard format with no live firing performed; the client will benefit most from a live fire demonstration included in the video.

For terms of service and what you can expect Click Here.