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Mark Rogers: Best known online as the Christian Gun Owner

Why would you need my help with your guns, solo training, or shooting?

This is not a page for my personal self-indulgence. It’s a page to give you the confidence to trust me with providing the help you need with your handgun challenges.

It stands to reason that anyone considering ordering help for their handgun challenges would want to know why they should trust the person or people involved in providing it.

My Qualifications And Sources Of Learning Defensive Handgun Skills

Owner – Developer – Writer: Christian Gun Owner Website – Since 2007

  • Lifetime Gun Owner
  • Continuous firearm ownership, testing, reviewing: Since 2006
  • Ownership and expertise with 48 handguns
  • Personal Concealed Carry Since 2007
  • Concealed carry experience with 26 handguns
  • Expertise with all modern major type handguns: Striker fired, hammer fired, revolver, double action, single action, 1911 style, safety/de-cocker, all sizes.
  • Conceal Carry holster type experience, IWB Kydex, IWB Leather, Belt, IWB Sticky, Pocket Sticky, Belly Band, Ankle.
  • Experience and expertise with handgun calibers from .22 to 500 magnum
  • Basic Competence with bolt action rifles.
  • Basic use and competence with AR style rifles.
  • Basic competence with shotguns.
  • Typical total range time per month: 15 hours

Firearms Leadership:

  • Church Group – “Right on Target” shooting group leader: 4.5 years
  • Group Assistant Range Safety Official: 2 years
  • Group Chief Range Safety Official: 2.5 years
  • Leadership and Safety Official for Multiple groups of shooters since 2008
  • Have taught all ages, from small children to elderly adults to safely handle, work, shoot, and carry their handguns.
  • Some limited rifle training during all the above.
  • Managed, led, instructed, groups of up to 20 shooters since 2008. Wide range of ages and shooting skills. No accidents, injuries, or negative feedback.

Former Handgun Concealed Carry Evaluation Service

*Paid Service: Personal Concealed Carry Evaluations for clients across the country. Clients would provide some basic personal information. Based on that, I would recommend 3 types of guns, along with multiple holsters and carry methods for them personally. Service provided for 4 years. Part time business.

Gun Related Former Employment

  • Academy Sports and Outdoors – 4 years. 2015 – 2019: Inventory Control Team Lead with manager responsibilities and permissions.
  • Security – Ensuring guns made safe and cleared when customers with firearms entered the store.
  • Involved a significant percentage of time assisting customers with firearms.
  • Handguns: Assisted customers with selection, function, recoil management info, concealed carry, holsters, ammo.
  • Completing and authorizing firearms sales.
  • Tested and Certified in general firearms knowledge, FFL procedures, and laws for firearm sales

My Personal, Solo Practice/Training With Defensive Handguns

  • Bulls eye target shooting
  • Tactical speed shooting
  • Tactical movement shooting
  • Variety positional shooting
  • Retreat while shooting practice
  • Shooting from cover practice
  • Physical stress shooting
  • Close quarters guard and retention while drawing/shooting
  • Firearm as a blunt weapon practice
  • Targets include paper, splatter/paper, silhouette (various paper), cardboard silhouette, self seal silhouetted, steel, clay.
  • Training ammo commonly shot includes 9mm, 40S&W, .357 Magnum, .45 ACP, .44 Magnum, 223/5.56

Background In Martial Arts (throughout life)

  • Goju Kai Karate – 3years
  • ATA – American Taekwondo Association 6 months
  • ITF International Taekwondo Federation – 2 years
  • WTA Taekwondo – 4 years
  • Multiple other short-term self defense training courses.
  • Current (firearms related) ongoing fitness training and self defense practice.

IMPORTANT: All martial arts studies provide an environment of learning to fend off attacks, learning to evade, and how to counter-attack. All preparing you for physical, dangerous conflict. In a safe environment, it gives people the chance to acclimate to responding to violence against them.

For those learning self defense firearms, the value of martial arts training is incalculable.

Guides Written By Mark Rogers

Armed Volunteer Church Security – May be accessed at:
Your Shooting Club Or Group – Starting and successfully operating
Concealed Carry For Almost Everybody – Discontinued as a guide; now a section of the Christian Gun owner website.

Personal Firearm Modifications Performed (Not a gunsmith)

  • Sight removal/installations
  • Trigger assembly replacement (GLOCK)
  • Trigger weight adjustment (Remington 700 rifles)
  • Grip Replacements
  • Pistol Barrel Replacement
  • 1911 Extractor Removal/Repair
  • Minor handgun finish repair

Handgun Ammo Reloading Experience

  • Handgun ammo: 9mm, .40S&W, .45 ACP, .38 Spl +P, .357 Magnum, .44 magnum
  • Expertise with Dillon 550 Progressive Press
  • Expertise with Lee Classic Turret Press

My Personal Learning/Training Sources

Local experienced shooters since 2005
Local range operation/safety experts since 2006
NRA member since 2002
USCCA Member since 2013
Old Fort Gun Club member: Since 2008
*Current ONLINE:
John Lovell
Jerry Miculek
Paul Harrell
Pat McNamara
Craig Douglas

Real World Experience Assisting People With Handgun Training Since 2007

  • Correcting multiple handgun shooting errors.
  • Improving stance, grip, trigger pull, sight alignment, target adjustment.
  • How to set up multiple targets to train for tactical shooting.
  • Correcting notions about handguns thought to be “defective”. Adjustments to shooting methods that showed they worked as intended.
  • One simple method of progressive target acquisition to immediately improve accuracy.
  • Experienced firearms teaching with people from children to elderly adults.
  • Taught groups of people from 6 to 20 in number how to shoot effectively and safely in a live fire range environment.
  • Multiple means of small modifications to firearms that result in big improvements (for more experienced shooters).
  • Instantly increased confidence in gun handling and shooting.
  • How to conceal carry effectively, with handguns most effective for specific personal needs.

Problems or concerns with a specific handgun?
Something not working when you line up your sights?
Need training ideas for your specific physical ability, lifestyle, and resources?
Need to improve specific areas of physical fitness to be able to shoot effectively?
Need personal instruction handling a specific gun type?
Need improvement in your general handgun shooting skills?
Questions about specific, personal concealed carry challenges?
Took a pistol course, but still can’t work out an individual problem with a particular gun?

Contact me with any questions you have. You won’t be sorry.

Thorough handgun solutions by video.
Minimal cost.