CGO Pistol Training Video Service

Who needs personal help with their pistol and revolver skills and handling, regardless of time shooting, help from friends, and even after taking pistol courses? Men or women? Do you?

From my experience, regardless of the untold thousands of videos online that deal with firearms training, people in the real world of gun ownership often languish in problems with their defensive handguns that they just can’t seem to overcome.

Issues with gun selection for newer owners, handgun accuracy, recoil management, chronic malfunctions, concealed carry, maintenance, physical challenges, the difference in practice and training, financial limitations; and on and on it goes.

Since 2007 I’ve made it my business to spend countless hours studying, shooting, training, and helping people with firearms on gun ranges around the Arkansas River Valley area.

In that time, I’ve narrowed down three questions every concerned gun owner eventually has to answer to be able to use their defensive weapons effectively.
1. How much training do I need?
2. How much training can I manage?
3. How much can I practice what I am trained to do?

There is a huge reality gap in between all those questions.

It’s easy to condescendingly lecture somebody who doesn’t know as much as we do, or is not capable of handling firearms as competently as we do.

But the reality is, that every gun owner has a different set of life issues surrounding their ability to train and practice. Some of those issues are so prohibitive they make range time and practice rare for many people.

So, Who Needs Personal Help With Firearms Skills?

Many of those people struggle with finances to buy some ammo, find a range or club they can afford. People with multiple jobs, heavy responsibilities, can’t find time to get to that range.

People who want to practice to defend themselves, but have to work through serious physical challenges.

And those prohibitive issues along with many others often leave them wanting to be responsible, but with personal firearms questions they need answered precisely.

Limited Resources = A Need For Firearms Training Solutions You Can Afford

Many times, people who have the resources to shoot regularly will unthinkingly give people much more challenged than them the unthinking answer, “Well, you just need to take this [XYZ-Whatever] firearms course [for $250 – $500]. “

But these gun owning men and women don’t have the capacity to travel to where it may be held. They can’t pay for a pistol course and pay their household bills. They don’t have money for the ammo required to take a course. They can’t take off work .

But they own a gun.
They can buy a little ammo.
They practice sparingly, but genuinely, as much as they can

They need answers that won’t break the bank.

Is that you?

*That’s where I come in with a video solution for your individual, personal challenges, including showing you how to practice effectively with limited resources.

People uncomfortable with handguns, but wanting to overcome that to become good shooters.

Untold numbers of people across the U.S. buy defensive handguns they don’t like using. Recoil, noise, whatever is troubling about the dynamics of a gun being discharged.

  • They are doing it, but hating it.
  • They are trying, but need experienced input on controlling their reaction.
  • They are trying, but remain way off target.

But they are trying. That being the case …….

Is that you?

*That’s where I come in to take a look at what you are doing, how you are practicing. Then by giving you help, through a video presentation, to overcome your personal, natural response to the gun dynamics.

People Limited By Their Perception Of How Strong They Have To Be To Work A Handgun

Working for a sporting goods retailer, I worked in a leadership position that had manager authority and responsibility. That included helping lots of people with firearms questions, selection, accessories, etc.

One of the most common comments I heard from women was, “I’m not strong enough to pull the slide back on a pistol.”

From their husbands I would hear what gun they “needed”, believing his evaluation was spot on in spite of her not even having held a gun.

I talked to people with arthritis in their hands and wrists. I talked to people with debilitating physical conditions in their backs and legs trying to figure out how to put together some type of gun/accessory combo that would allow them to protect themselves.

Many people have a perception that their physical condition prohibits their ability to ever effectively use their handgun.

But the reality is, most can overcome their physical challenges to shoot and train with a pistol or revolver.

That includes you.

*That’s where I come in to find out what your actual physical limitations are. Then to present a solution to you in how to work your firearms with your personal physical ability. All by video.

Then there are just the limitations of lack of knowledge.

-Accuracy issues in general
-Accuracy issues with just one gun
-Sighting issues
-Grip issues
-Stance issues
-Gun type operation
-Most effective practice

Getting the specific knowledge needed can be accomplished without an expensive course.

Do you have problems with any of those?

*That’s where I come in for those and more issues, to examine the issues, evaluate the problems, and solve the problems with a video presentation to you, the gun owner.

Your Answers To The Specific Challenges You Face With Your Pistol Or Revolver

If you need answers to any questions about anything having to do with your type of handgun(s), and you’re willing to communicate with me, click on the links in the sidebar to check out how it works.

If you need answers about shooting, accuracy, practice, effective handgun training, handgun operation, assembly, modification, maintenance and more, check out how it all works.

This is a service based on my experience and what I know about firearms, with the emphasis on handguns. Most all inquiries that anybody receives an answer to will require significant effort on the part of the gun owner to make it work for them.

If you decide this is a service for you, here’s my commitment:

Once you receive your answer in video form, you won’t be abandoned. You’ll be able to contact me as much as necessary for help as you work out whatever issue you have to work on. I’ll be happy to continue to give guidance and answer questions until you are confident that you have worked through to the solution.

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